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Superlux PRO-238mkII large diaphragm handheld

Superlux PRO-238mkII large diaphragm handheld


The Superlux PRO-238mkII is the new improved version of the classic Superlux PRO-238. Like the original PRO-238 it packs a 1" diaphragm externally polarized condenser capsule into a handheld mic. No other mic on the market puts this large a studio condenser mic element into a handheld microphone.

The response of this mic is flatter and more neutral than that of the CM-H8 series, and in fact is fairly close to that of the Shure KSM-32 but in a handheld package. Improvements over the original PRO-238 include a stronger mount for the capsule, improved shockmounting for less handling noise, a nicer to handhold case, a foamless internal windscreen system for clearest sound, and a more neutral color. Each mic comes with an external windscreen, stand adapter, and zipper carrying bag 

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