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Vaddio Ceiling Speaker Pair White

Vaddio Ceiling Speaker Pair White

SKU: 999-85600-000

The Vaddio Ceiling Speaker accurately reproduces audio from presentations and conference calls and is optimized so voices sound clear and natural. The 2-way speaker is built with a specially designed coaxially mounted cone tweeter and a high-performance 4" metalized cone woofer with a rubber driver surround for long-lasting use.

The flush-mounting speaker can be installed in the ceiling or wall and comes with a lightweight ceiling tile brace. The air-sealed steel enclosure features a recessed cable cavity and a removable phoenix-style plug. Removing the magnetic, neutral white metal grille reveals convenient baffle-located screws to secure the swivel-out mounting tabs.

This Package Includes:

  • 2 qty. Vaddio Ceiling-Mounted Speaker with detachable grille
  • 2 qty. Euro-style 4-pin audio connector
  • 2 qty. Lightweight aluminum ceiling tile brace
  • 2 qty. 27 in. (68.6 cm) stainless steel safety cable with steel carabiner clips
  • Installation Guide
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